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The Shattuck's version of Beauty and the Beast

Hole #1 - 409 yards - Par 4 - "Monadnock"
Beauty:  A panoramic vista from the tee; a large outcropping of red rock rises up from the lush green fairway with Mt. Monadnock behind.
...and the Beast:  Stony Brook cuts across the fairway at the 150-yard markers and runs down the left side, requiring an accurate shot off the tee.



Hole #2 - 200 yards - par 3 - "Deceiver"
Beauty:  A picture postcard of a golf hole; elevated tees look down over a grassy hillside to a large, bunkered green set in front of a sparkling pond.
... and the Beast:  The tee doesn't feel all that high, but it's unusually deceptive (hence the name); the most common error here is overclubbing.

Hole #3 - 405 yards - par 4 - "Driver's Dilemma"              
Beauty:  The green and surroundings are stunning; a stadium-like outcropping of ledge right, grassy mounds left, and forest in back.
...and the Beast:  What to hit off the tee: it's uphill to a narrow landing area with a deep hazard left and a tough-to-clear ledge jutting in from the right.

Hole #4 - 370 yards - par 4 - "Dare"           
Beauty:  A spectacular stand of white birches sits high above the fairway on the right, next to the cart path.
...and the Beast:  This hole dares you to use the lumber off an elevated tee to a fairway being pinched by wetlands on the left and bunkers on the right.

Hole #5 - 612 yards - par 5 - "The Gauntlet"
Beauty:  You won't see a green like this anywhere else; it's carved into a 30' high rock ledge and tucked in behind a natural mountain stream.
...and the Beast:  A long, narrow fairway with trouble along both sides of its entire length - and we mean length; 612 yards from the Great Blues.

Hole #6 - 564 yards - par 5 - "Triple Threat"
Beauty:  The entire hole as viewed from the green; a stone wall runs the length of the winding fairway with Mt. Monadnock rising up behind.
...and the beast:  Play it as it was designed; two distinct landing areas and a tight green (bunkers right, hazard left) - unless you feel reeeaaally lucky!


Hole #7 - 200 yards - par 3 - "Carry"
  Multi-level elevated tee pads overlook 140 yards of natural brush and wetlands leading to a lush green with thick woods behind.
...and the Beast:  Unless you're playing the Forward tees, you must carry 140 - 175 yards across the hazard to a wide, shallow green with a small bail-out fairway right.

Hole #8 - 407 yards - par 4 - "Squeeze Play"
  Towering white pines stand guard over the landing area; a grand mountain vista greets you when you look back from the green.
...and the Beast:  Your drive must carry a wide hazard, but not be so big that you overrun the approach to the green, pinning yourself behind pines and ledge.

Hole #9 - 386 yards - par 4 - "Shattuck Inn"
  A gently rising fairway with a mountain stream cascading along the left side; the clubhouse sits high in the background.
...and the Beast:  A longer-than-it-looks second shot going uphill to a narrow but deep green with grassy mounds left and two deep bunkers right.

Hole #10 - 426 yards - Par 4 - "Mountain Draw"
Beauty:  From the highly elevated landing area, a spectacular view of the large green below with Mt. Monadnock serving as the backdrop.
...and the Beast:  A dogleg left with a deep drop-off at the turn.  A long drive center of left gives you the best approach to the green; too far left and you'll go over the edge.

Hole #11 - 432 yards - par 4 - "Double Cross"
Beauty:  As you round the corner of this big dogleg, your first look at the green across the wide, lush fairway and winding stream is impressive.
... and the Beast:  The longest par 4; you need a big drive to have a clear shot at the sloping green with a wide stream in front and wetlands right.

Hole #12 - 199 yards - par 3 - "Waterloo"              
Beauty:  From behind the green, high up on the cart path; a breathtaking view of the 12th and 13th holes, the 17-acre swamp, and the mountain.
...and the Beast:  You've got to carry 75 - 190 yards across a beaver swamp to a wide, shallow green; fairway right, water left, bunkered hillside behind.



Hole #13 - 315 yards - par 4 - "Temptation"            
Beauty:  The fairway looks like a thick green carpet laid between an oak-covered, bunkered hillside and an awe-inspiring beaver swamp.
...and the Beast:  How much water do you think you can bite off?  The temptation is to go for the green; the safe play is to hit to the 100 yard markers.

Hole #14 - 160 yards - par 3 - "Alcatraz"
Beauty:  A rock-walled island green surrounded by water and marsh grass on three sides, with giant hemlocks rising up behind.
...and the Beast:  A rock-walled island green surrounded by water and marsh grass on three sides, with giant hemlocks rising up behind.

Hole #15 - 544 yards - par 5 - "Double Trouble"
Beauty:  This undulating green is one of the most striking on the course, situated on a peninsula rising out of a Y-shaped reflecting pond.
...and the beast:  The landing area for your drive is narrow, while hidden water all along the left side of the second shot says, "Don't aim at the flag."

Hole #16 - 391 yards - par 4 - "Driver's Delight"
Beauty:  Over the reflecting pond in front of the tee; a wide rolling fairway and bunkered green with the colonial Gage farmhouse behind.
...and the Beast:  Just keep it straight; there's deep rough left and right.  The big green is slightly elevated, so your second shot may require one more club.

Hole #17 - 339 yards - par 4 - "Lay Up"
Beauty:  From the elevated tee you look down on a deep valley of a fairway below and across to a plateau green carved out of granite ledge.
...and the Beast:  There's no advantage in going for the green - the lie if you miss is impossible; hit to the 100 yard markers and get your second shot close.


Hole #18 - 405 yards - par 4 - "Home"
Beauty:  Graceful leaning beeches accent the elevated tee; the lush rolling fairway beyond is framed by a stand of white birches left.
...and the Beast:  The fairway slopes hard to the left into the woods.  Aim your drive down the right for a clear shot to the biggest green on the course.

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